Reject passivity

I have been blessed to come from a family with a passion for travel, exploration and adventure.   Researching and planning my next trip is not work to me.  It comes easily and I enjoy it but not all people are wired that same way.   Many people experience great anxiety at the thought of traveling and prefer to work through a travel agent or just go to the same destination year in – year out.   Please understand me, I don’t have a problem if a family wants to return to Myrtle Beach year after year.

Here is the point.  During my life, I have had an opportunity to share stories of my travels with other men.   Whether it be a story about my latest trip to South Carolina to eat BBQ, Antelope hunting in Wyoming or fly fishing in Montana.   I often hear one common response back; “Wow, that sounds great.   I would love to do a trip like that.”   My response back is always that same.   “What’s stopping you?”   “Why don’t you plan a trip like that?”  Invariably, a series of excuses comes forth.   This is the passivity I’m talking about.   If travel and adventure appeal to you, find a way to make it happen.   Cut some other expense out and save the money.  Pick up a side job or sell the ATV parked in the back of the garage.   At the end of your life, you won’t look back and wish you had bought more stuff.   You will wish you had spent more time with your kids, family or friends making memories that will last your lifetime and beyond.  Do the golf trip with your buddies you have always talked about.   Take your kids to that lake fishing trip you did with your Dad when you were a kid.   Take your wife skiing at that place she’s always wanted to go.  You get the idea.    Stop with the excuses and “Get busy livin.”


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