Utah / Arizona Park Tour 2016 -Part 2

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity”  -John Muir

I commute to downtown Columbus, OH each day for my job and it takes me at least an hour.   Unless you have done a long commute through heavy traffic, you can’t relate to the toll it takes on your body physically and mentally.  That’s why this quote by John Muir was so applicable for me.   Even though we did plenty of driving on this trip, it was a different kind of driving.   If I have my family with me and we are sharing big adventures like this trip, the driving didn’t phase me a bit.   In case you were wondering, we did over 1,300 miles.

If you read my last post, you know we had just left Zion National Park.  This post picks up with our commute toward Bryce Canyon.   We made a pit-stop on the way to Bryce Canyon to buy a new zip-up, over-the-shoulder type cooler.  After the debacle with the Styrofoam one, we needed a replacement to keep our drinks and lunchmeat cold.  I knew that we wanted to watch the sunset over Bryce and would be there late into the evening, so I suggested to the group that we eat an early dinner to fuel us before the hike.  20160612_172411 We stopped at Ruby’s for some unhealthy fast food, chicken and pizza.   I would call this meal sustenance only, don’t expect any kind of memorable meal.  It was one notch above McDonald’s quality.


We arrived at Bryce around 4pm, got our sign picture and walked around the visitor center for a while.   I bought a new shirt at this VC.  I have a weakness for souvenir t-shirts when I’m on vacation.   Our first and only hike was The Queen’s Garden Trail.   I chose this trail based on some of your feedback here on WordPress.   My goal was to give our group the best view of the Hoodoos from above and then from below.   I know…I know, half a day is not enough time at either of these two parks.


Bryce Canyon may have been my favorite park on this trip.  It’s so tough to compare these parks with the varied terrain, colors and rock formations.  They each have their own beauty.  I found the hard shadows of late afternoon difficult for photographing the Hoodoos.   I am a novice photographer, but I found sunset much easier to capture the color and grandeur of this park.   We drove over to Inspiration Point and watched the sun fade over the treetops.    What a memorable way to end our first day in the parks.  I felt my soul rejuvenating and a deep satisfaction of God’s creation filling me.  Even though we were only here 4+ hours, I don’t feel like I left “as much meat on the bone” as I did after leaving Zion.




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