Day hike to Conkle’s Hollow

The winter here in central Ohio has been fairly mild overall.  We did have some periods of extreme cold but this past weekend temperatures soared into the low 70’s.  This is very unusual for the third week of February but allowed me to take my son and youngest daughter on a short day hike.

We drove south to the Hocking Hills region of Ohio to explore Conkle’s Hollow.  I have spent a lot of time in this part of the state but never to hike CH.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect day.  As I said, it was over 70 degrees but the air was quite cool in the shade of the box canyon.

The ice formations were stunning.


The total length of the trail is only .5 mile but the numerous waterfalls make for some stunning photographic opportunities.   I ventured off the trail to climb in behind the waterfalls.DSC_0421

The good news is, after you are done hiking CH, there are many other hiking areas available in the vicinity.   Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave and Wayne National Forrest are all within a short drive.   It was a day well spent with my kids while my wife was working and the cost was FREE.   Regular guys are always looking for adventure when the price is right.   Get off the couch and check out Conkle’s Hollow.


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