NY Skiing Trip for the Regular Guy


Last Sunday, I traveled with a friend from work to Clymer, NY to ski at Peek-n-Peak resort.   From central Ohio where I live, it was only a 4 hour drive.  We purposely traveled on Sunday to take advantage of the 4-hour evening rate offered by Peek-n-Peak.  The evening ticket was valid from 4pm to 9pm for only $36.  Regular guys don’t pay full ticket price.

Quite honestly, this resort is fairly small with only 110 acres and 400 feet of vertical drop.   In 2 or 3 hours of skiing, we were able to hit every trail on the property.  Peek-n-Peak is perfect for a first-time skier or a family traveling with novice level skiers.   For an advanced level skier, other than to knock the rust off, you won’t find this place very challenging.  The great thing, however, was the lack of lift lines.   The Sunday night ski clubs had cleared out and we got a lot of skiing done.  By 8pm, I was ready to hit the hotel.

Our hotel was the regular guy deal of the weekend.   We chose to drive 30 minutes east to Jamestown, NY.  A Holiday Inn Express that was only 7 months old.  This place was amazing and for the low-low price of $76 per night!  Don’t miss this place.


Monday morning, we traveled another 40 minutes to Ellicotteville, NY.   It’s been over 20 years since last skiing at Holiday Valley.   This place was fantastic!   A very modern facility with 3 or 4 lodges, fire pits, warming huts and high-speed quads everywhere.    Once again, I had no lift lines.   I paid $57 for an 8-hour lift ticket.


I am fortunate enough to have skied at most of the major resorts across the western United States.   I have to say, the variety of terrain offered at Holiday Valley was exceptional.  Anything from wide open cruising runs to tight, narrow runs through the  pines.  There were even a few through the trees.    There is one double-black diamond that was fairly legit.

If you are thinking of doing a long-weekend ski trip.   Put Holiday Valley on the top of your list.   This place is great for the entire family and any ability.


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