Columbus, Ohio now has real Cajun food..

If you are a fan of Cajun food, you know really good Cajun can be hard to find.   Just because a place paints the interior with Mardi Gras style colors, has a few alligators props and plays Zydeco music doesn’t necessarily mean the product coming out of the kitchen is authentic.  Until last Friday, I thought Columbus was relegated to J. Gumbo has the only option for Cajun food.   Fortunately for me, while leafing through the latest issue of Columbus Monthly, I stumbled upon an add for Yats.

I invited a friend from work who shares my affinity for spicy Cajun food, to give Yats a try.  The first thing that impressed me was the fact that Jason – the owner and proprietor – was talking to us about the menu options and entered our order for us.   I love to give my business to small joints where the owners are actively engaged in the customer relations part of the experience.  Jason explained that we could get one large entrée or two smaller 1/2 portions.   I opted for the two half portions of Drunken Chicken and Jambalaya.  Yes – that bread his fresh made and soft in case you were wondering.


The second thing I loved was the hot sauce bar over next to the fountain drinks.  Jason prides himself on hand selecting at least 20 different hot sauces for patrons to try.


The third thing I loved about this place was the price.  As a regular guy, I am always looking for a deal.  I got the generously portioned plate of food you see above for $8.50.  I got water to drink but anytime I can stay under $10 for lunch in Columbus, I consider it a win.   Yats is a small chain that started in Indianapolis but now has its first location on Grandview Ave. in Columbus.   I recommend you stop by and try Yats for yourself.!



2 thoughts on “Columbus, Ohio now has real Cajun food..

    1. Yes, the owner of the Columbus branch told me some of that history. They do a great job. It’s a welcome addition to Columbus.


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