The Pursuit of Adventure

I believe every man possesses an innate desire for adventure, discovery and exploration.  Have you ever felt it..then promptly ignored the call?  My recent trip to Colorado re-awakened that spirit within me.   Parenting, work and the hurry of life can do that to a guy.

This theme of adventure has been inserting itself into my life at every turn.  It started in Colorado but has continued in a book I listened to recently on my way to work.   A good friend suggested the book by Jon Krakauer called “Into the Wild.”  It’s the story of a young man named Chris McCandeles who graduates from college, sells most all his possessions and leaves on a 2 year odyssey up and down the west coast of the United States.  Chris’ trip culminates in his ultimate adventure in Alaska.   McCandeles was disturbed in many ways but I can certainly relate to his quest for adventure.

Now I reading a book by Bill O’reilly called “Legends and Lies:  The Real West.”  Bill documents the lives of larger than life American heroes like Daniel Boone, Davey Crocket and Kit Carson.   These men each exuded the American spirit of adventure.  I understand these guys lived in a different time in history but why were they not held back from adventure?

The challenge I issue to each reader is to put your plans down on paper.   Something written down is more likely to happen.  I personally carry a small folded card in my wallet called a life compass.   It reminds me of the personal questions: before I die, I want to be, I want to do, I want to have, I want to help, I want to enjoy.  On that card, I have written the answers to these questions for me.  I review it often and add to when new thoughts come to me.   For example, traveling to Alaska and hiking the Stamped Trail like Chris McCandeles did is now on my list.     What’s on your list?   I would love to hear from my readers to know if you have a list and if not, will this post challenge you to make one?   Make it happen..Get busy living!


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